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Christmas Ornaments & Program

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 All children want toys for Christmas and we are happy to give them, but how long do they last?  How often do they get played with?  How quickly do they become broken or discarded?  How many toys do they already own?  Why not try something different?  How about a personalized Christmas Ornament?


The giving of ornaments for Christmas trees is nothing new.  People have been giving and receiving ornaments for many years.  In fact, it is how most families develop their ornament collection.  Each ornament received becomes an heirloom for years to come.  To help continue this tradition, we too offer Christmas Ornaments, but with a twist!  Our ornaments can be personalized by adding a photographs and personal messages. 


Imagine giving an ornament to the parents of a newborn baby with the baby’s photograph and date on it, then, each consecutive year, giving another ornament with a current photograph.  By the time that child is out on their own, they will have eighteen or more personalized Christmas ornaments to place on their own tree!  What a great way to begin a tradition! 


Personalized Christmas ornaments mean more to a child than almost anything else, and usually cost less than the current popular toy or gadget.  While toys become broken or the latest electronic gadget becomes obsolete, Christmas ornaments are carefully packed away to be used again the next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, etc. 


To help foster this tradition, Sandra-Lee’s Trophy and Gift are pleased to offer our Christmas Ornament Program!


How does the program work?  Using your email address, we will send a message in early November offering three or four different ornaments for you to choose from.  When you get the message, select an ornament, click on Reply, attach a HIGH QUALITY .jpg file, and click on send.  When we get your reply, we will get to work on your ornament.  We will work with the photo, add your greeting, and send you an image of how the ornament will generally appear when completed.  Once you approve the design, we will create the ornament.  When the ornament is done, we will send you a message letting you know it is ready, and then either mail it to you or put it in our “Will Call” bay for you to pickup.


It sounds good, but what does it cost?  Many of the ornaments are as low as $15.00, but some can become substantially more expensive.  Our early November message will give you several choices and the costs associated with each selection.  For ornaments that are shipped, there is a flat rate of $5.50 added to cover the costs of packing and shipping.  Ornaments that are picked up at our store do not have a shipping fee.


What about tax?  Unfortunately, tax must be applied to all orders in the state of Oklahoma. Orders sent to states other than Oklahoma are not taxed. The amount of tax applied is based on the zip code of the shipping address.  Ornaments picked up at our store are taxed at the Delaware County Tax Rate, which is currently 5.9%.


What if I don’t like the final product?  Our primary goal is 100% customer satisfaction!  If you do not like your ornament for any reason, return it to us, tell us what you don’t like and we will work to make it right or we will refund the purchase price, whichever you choose.  Shipping costs cannot be refunded.


What if the ornament gets broken?  Our ornaments are made from different materials, ranging from plastic to porcelain to crystal.  Sometimes, ornaments get broken.  We pack our products by hand to limit the possibility of damage during shipment, but if the ornament is broken when you receive it, please let us know and we will replace it.  Sometimes, ornaments get broken years after they were given.  Because we keep detailed customer files, your images are always available.  If the type of ornament is still in production, we can recreate the ornament as it was when you first gave it.  The replacement price will naturally depend on the current sales price of the ornament. 


Can ornaments be made for previous years?  Yes, we can create ornaments for years gone by.  Just send us a .jpg image for each year you want and we will create each ornament.  To help you catch up, we can offer a pricing bundle that will help you save money. 


What if I have questions?  Send us an email or give us a call.  We will be happy to answer your questions.  Our email address is  and our phone number is (918) 787-4337

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